Here are some other great LDS websites/blogs that I recommend...

Websites: Here are some other great LDS websites/blogs that I recommend...

The Official LDS Church Website
Neal A. Maxwell Institute (FARMS)
Meridian Magazine

Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum
Robert J. Norman's LDS Blog
Lenet Hadley Read's LDS Blog 
The Wonder Women
Loyal to the Word

Books: Of all the LDS books in my library...

Here are the ones that I most highly recommend...

And here are some additional LDS articles that you may also enjoy...

Building The Tower of Babel on a Mesopotamian Foundation - By Jeffrey Bradshaw
Heartland as Hinterland: A Look at Book of Mormon Geography - By Mark Wright
Were there Men before Adam and other Hard Questions - By William Dargan
Faulty Assumptions about the Book of Abraham - By Kelly Muhlestein
The Golden Plates and the Feast of Trumpets - By Lenet Hadley Read
A Whole Bunch of Reasons Why Book of Mormon Geography Could Not Have Included North America - By John Sorenson
The Great High Priest - By Margaret Barker
Clothed with Salvation: The Garden, the Veil, Tabitha, and Christ - By Daniel Belnap
Cutting Covenants - By Jared T. Parker
The Book of Jonah: Foreshadowings of Jesus as the Christ - By David Randall Scott
Serpent Symbols and Salvation in the Ancient Near East and the Book of Mormon - By Andrew Skinner
She Hath Wrought a Good Work: The Anointing of Jesus in Mark's Gospel - By Julie M. Smith
A Redemptive Reading of Mark 5:25-34 - By Julie M. Smith
Narrative Atonement Theology in the Gospel of Mark - By Julie M. Smith
A Third Jaredite Record: The Sealed Portion of the Gold Plates - By Valentin Arts
Legal Perspectives on the Slaying of Laban - By John W. Welch
Study, Faith, and the Book of Mormon - By John W. Welch 
The Good Samaritan: A Type and Shadow of the Plan of Salvation - By John W. Welch
What we might Expect in the Next 25-Years - By Cleon Skousen
Healing the Sick - By Elder Dallin H. Oaks