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Before the 2nd Coming
  • We know of many prophesied signs leading up to the Second Coming.  But in what order will they occur?

  • Examine the Second Coming through the lens of Types and Shadows from Old & New Testament stories, as well as from examples from the Book of Mormon.


The War in Heaven
  • If God can banish them at a word, why did it take a war in heaven to cast out Satan and his followers? And how was this war in heaven fought? 

 Understanding the Creation
  • Have you noticed?  The creation accounts that are recorded in our scriptures (Moses & Abraham) are different from the creation account given in the endowment.  Also in this article, find out how to explain the existence of dinosaurs.

The Contradiction in Eden
  • Why did God give Adam and Eve a commandment they could not keep (multiply and replenish the earth), unless they first broke another one of God's own commandments (partaking of the forbidden fruit)?  


  • We know that Satan appeared to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, but did he appear as himself, in the form of a man, or did he speak to them through a serpent?

Adam's Coat of Skins
  • Why did Satan want Adam and Eve to cover themselves with fig leaves after they transgressed?

The Temple - Reversing the Fall
  • Find out how the temple symbolically reverses the Fall of Adam.

  • Would it surprise you to find out that technically Noah was not told to take two of every animal into the ark?  In addition, find out how Noah's ark was built to represent a temple. 

  • Did the builders of the Tower of Babel really believe that they could literally get to heaven?  Or is it possible that we may have misunderstood this famous Bible story?

Abraham, Isaac & Rebekah
  • Why did Rebekah veil her face when she met Isaac for the first time and what did this represent?

Types of Christ in the Old Testament
  • Learn about many of the "types of Christ" in the Old Testament. 

The Infinite Atonement
  • Is Jesus the Savior for an infinite amount of earths? Or does each earth have its own Savior?

The Keeper of the Gate
  • Joseph Smith taught that there is an actual door or gate that will one day stand between us and the celestial kingdom.  This article will discuss many of the scriptures that describe this future scene of us at the celestial veil.

  • Do we really know where Kolob is located?  And is it possible that our Sun is actually a Telestial kingdom?  

  • Examine what many believe to be an actual photograph of Joseph Smith. 


  • Because of the design of the Liahona, its pointers or spindles would have to point in some direction at all times, even during those times of unrighteousness, so how did you know if it was working or not? Also in this article, learn how familiar a device such as the Liahona would have been to the ancient world.

  • Where did the events in Book of Mormon took place?

The Sword of Ammon
  • Would it surprise you to find out that the sword that Ammon used to cut off multiple Lamanite arms was made of wood?

Captain Moroni's Fortified Cities
  • Has archaeology uncovered some of Captain Moroni's ancient fortified cities?

The Great Storm in 3 Nephi
  • What exactly was the great storm that nearly destroyed the Nephites at the time of the crucifixion? A hurricane? Earthquake? Something else?  The answer might surprise you.


The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon
  • What is contained in the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, and when will we get to read it? 

  • Find out how the Gold Plates are a model or "type" of Christ.

  • Had Elijah not been sent, the whole earth would have been smitten with a curse.  What was this curse exactly and what did it entail?  Also in this article, find out what trees represent in the scriptures.

  • What does harvesting Wheat have to do with temple worship, both anciently and in modern times?

The 7 Prophetic Feasts of Israel
  • In the Old Testament, the Lord instituted seven feasts that He expected the children of Israel to celebrate every year.  The Lord went into great detail as to what exactly He wanted the children of Israel to do on each of these seven feast days; and He was very specific.  What is incredible is that each of these seven feasts were prophetic of future events.

  • This page is dedicated to humorous stories, videos, and quotes relating to Latter-day Saints.

  • History teaches us that God is serious about having the inhabitants of this land keep his commandments.  When they were wicked, entire civilizations were removed from this land and allowed to live in the spirit world.  We have warning from the Lord that the same could happen to us in our day if we are not careful.

  • What exactly happens during the famous battle of Armageddon?  Find out here.

  • Find out how the Israelites exodus from Egypt has since been repeated by several other groups in history, and how we are symbolically acting it out now in our lifetime.

  • Find out how each of the 10 plagues associated with the exodus was a direct attack against one of Egypt's Gods.

  • The Book of Daniel contains a prophecy that revealed the exact day the Messiah would come.  Jesus fulfilled this prophecy on the exact day predicted by Daniel, yet was still rejected.

  • Just how similar is the Freemason ceremony to the Endowment?  This article will show a clip of an actual Masonic ceremony.

  • What is the light of Christ?  Find out how it relates to  sons of perdition, the atonement, the 2nd coming and more.